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Beaches close to the apartments (5'-15')

Tavronitis Beach.

Kamisian beach.

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Kolymvari village


Agia Marina

-kindly note that you may book the small train that crosses the route to these beaches.


The enchanting lagoon of Chania with its green-blue waters and its white sandy beach may seems utopian, until the moment you see it emerge. The red Foraminifera shells after completing their life cycle, they end up at the beach of Balos, giving it another touch. Suddenly, the white sand it turns into pink.

The waters at Balos beach are shallow so it is suitable for children as well as for beginner swimmers.

Where is Balos beach and how to get there:


The beach of Balos is located at a distance of 53 kilometers from the city of Chania, specifically on the Tigani peninsula and on the western side of Gramvousa.


There are two ways to get there, either driving and then walking a short distance to the beach, or by ferry and then disembarking directly at the beach.

Boarding the boat to Balos takes place at the port of Kissamos – 23 kilometers from Polemarchi. You may arrive at the port of Kissamos by bus (KTEL) from Tavroniti, or by your own car.


Elafonisi, is another paradise in Crete. We usually mention the word beach, but the truth is that Elafonisi consists of many beaches. This gives you the opportunity, every time you visit Elafonisi, to be able to sit in a different spot. So each visit at this beautiful beach, will always feel like it was the first time.

Blue, green and turquoise waters during summer days, blue waters during winter days. However its beauty with its crystal clear waters remains unchanged all year round. Elafonisi could not miss the red shells that paint the beach pink and make it even more beautiful. This phenomenon of pink sand occurs on almost all the beaches of western Crete, due to the red shells that reach the shores. The beach is shallow for the most part so kids will love it!

The route to Elafonisi is wonderful, full of contrasts and surprises. The lush vegetation of firs and pines in a coastal area will surely enchant you.

As soon as you arrive at the beach you will probably find an easy parking spot and a canteen to stock up on essentials. On the eastern side of the beach there are umbrellas, changing rooms, toilets, showers and an additional canteen. Finally, if you are a fan of water sports you will be able to enjoy wind surfing and kite surfing. You can even take wind and kite surfing lessons at the school of Elafonisi.

Where is Elafonisi and how to get there:


Elafonissi is located 55 kilometers from Polemarchi and 73 kilometers on the southwest of the city of Chania. You may access it either by car, or by bus (KTEL).


Falasarna, is one of the most famous beaches for tourists and locals alike. Ancient Falasarna was an ancient city-state in northwestern Crete and one of the most important ports of Crete and flourished mainly in the Hellenistic period.

It consists of an endless organized beach with sand, blue-green crystal clear waters reminiscent of a swimming pool and a very special landscape that takes your breath away. In many places you will also find pink sand. Falasarna has been included in the Natura 2000 project, due to the variety of flora and fauna in the area, but also due to its special natural beauty.

Once you reach your destination, you will find many signs with names from many beaches. It is up to you which one you will stop at. You will find comfortable parking, lots of beach bars for food and drink. A local advice is to stay, until sunset time. You will be faced with an amazing phenomenon, which may even surpass that of Santorini.

Where is Falasarna Chania and how to get there:


The route to Falararna is very easy. It is located just 39 kilometers west of Polemarchi and 12 kilometers west of Kissamos. Access is with your own transport vehicle or with the KTEL bus.


Paleochora should be one of the must-sees of your vacation. Paleochora is a seaside town located on the southwest coast of Crete and at a distance of 70 km. from Chania and 50km from Polemarchi. It is built on a peninsula between two picturesque bays. It is washed by the Libyan Sea and is rightly called the “Nymph of the Libyan Sea” and the “Land of the Sun”.

Paleochora is a very popular destination, as it caters for all tastes. You will find spotless beaches with sand and pebbles. But you will definitely have difficulty diving, since the waters are frozen almost all year round. In addition, it has many trails for hiking enthusiasts such as the European trails E1&E4. It is suitable also to visit for families with children. It is surrounded by taverns, bars and various shops.


If you have decided to visit Paleochora, on the way you must surely stop at the village of Kandanos. This is another famous and favorite destination for tourists and locals alike. Kandanos is the seat of the Municipality of Kandanos – Selinos. It is a village with a very long history and it is one of the most martyred village during the period of the conquerors.

It consists of olive groves that are at least 600 years old. Don’t forget to visit the gorge of Kantanos with its stone-built road suitable for hiking and cycling. Finally, you will enjoy quality food in the taverns and you will have the opportunity to learn true stories about the history of the area from the locals.

Kandanos is 52 kilometers from the center of Chania, 32 kilometers from Polemarchi and 15 kilometers from Paleochora and its beaches.